MASHAEL ALRAJHI represents Saudi Arabia for the 1st time at the IFS 2016


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A masterpiece design especially made for the International Fashion Showcase 2016, 196 has been carefully crafted to reflect Utopic and universal ideals. 196 pertains to the number of lines compositing the body of work, it represents the number of countries in the world attaining peace and harmony through interconnectedness.
Moreover, the handmade linings are meant to symbolize the intertwined balance and unity of mind, matter and spirit in seeking the commonalities in humanity rather than or difference. In the end, all the elements of Dress 196 comes together to convey one message despite the variating methods and fabrics use--- Utopia as a futuristic promise for those who pursue love, peace and unity, for one and for all. These elements have been achieve using handcrafted embroidery and sewing techniques to produce a consistent yet unique fashion art piece.
Dress 196 is on display at the west wing of the Somerset House from 19 – 23 February 2016.

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